Paroles de Gamblin' man

Mike Ness

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Date de parution : 09/11/1999

Durée : 0:02:27

Style : Rock

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Well, im a rovin' gambler, i've seen most every town
Whenever i meet with a deck of cards, i lay my money down
Gonna lay my money down, yeah gonna lay my money down

I've gambled out in texas and down in new orleans
I've lost a pot with four of a kind and won with a couple of queens
Gonna bluff with a couple of queens, yeah i won with a couple of queens

Well, i meet a friend in frisco and lady luck was her name
Yeah i couldn't lose with a pair of two's till a woman got in the game
A red head got in the game, yeah a woman got in the game

Yeah she won my old black panhead and she won my switch blade knife
And when i lost everything i had, she told me to bet my life
She told me to bet my life, she told me to bet my life

If you dont wanna lose your freedom, you care about your life
Dont get in a game with a red head thing, youll win yourself a wife
Youll win yourself a wife, now you got yourself a wife

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