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Enter The Haggis

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Outside around the side
Form a circle form a line
Outsider on the side
Formerly a farm-boy
Inside i'm on the side
I'm divided undecided
Back then around again
Second time's a charm boy

Upside mortified
Rubber-necking bottle-necking
Smoke-stacks cigarettes
Polish on the details
I try to stay inside
Eyes and ears and curtains closing
They lie on their sides
Casualties of retail

Back then the earth was green
Dirt was black and the air/water was clean
And then upon the scene
Cars and trucks and gasonline
Inside i'm petrified
I don't want to hide/watch it anymore

Black or white/left or right or in between
I'm never really sure which way i lean
Hey mister what does it mean he said
Cars and trucks need gasoline.

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