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Teen Idols

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Date de parution : 29/08/2000

Durée : 0:02:37

Style : Alternative

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Woke up drunk again this morning
Blood on my sleeve and
Puke chunks in my hair

I don't care
And neither does this girl beside me
What was her name
I know her from somewhere

Just look at my hair in the mirror
It's turning grey
Give me another bartender
What else can i say

I don't remember last night
I know it's sometimes better to forget
They say that i'm scraping the bottom
At least i know i haven't been there yet
Won't care until it's too late
It's early, but i'm doing what i can
Tonight i'm gonna get drunk
I'm making my stand, a genuine whiskey man

Came in late to work again
Antoher hangover rumored as a flu
They don't have a clue

They know that such a fine young man
Would never hang around
The places that i do

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