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Dj Clue

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(dj clue)
Dj clue! antoine!
Girlfriend! whaaaaaaaaat!

I see you walking through the high school halls
In the classroom two seats across
Away from me
Baby can't you see (you are)
The kind of girl that a guy lives for
The kind of girl that you can't ignore
Cause i'm the one who really wants you girl.

I wanna show you (yeah)
Just how i feel
Won't you be my girlfriend
I wanna show you how much you mean
Won't you be my girlfriend

(verse 2)
You know i watch you cause you watch me
But that ain't how it gots ta be
Cause i want you
Just like you want me
Girl can i please take the time
By telling you you're fine
Please would you be all mine
Cause i know you want me baby,yeah
(dj clue over chorus)
Clue! antoine!
Whole desert storm!
Ha ha!
(chorus until fade)

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