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Sabrina Bryan

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I can't sleep, with all the city awake
Everything in l.a is the same everyday
And every night, i can't stay strong,
Gotta give myself a break, oh oh oh oh

So i'm goin home, right now i can't take
This gotta be alone, i need the people with
Me who matter most, my family, i'm goin home

Honestly this stress is makin me cry, makin me
Sigh, and i can't do it, right now, oh oh oh

Repeat chorus

Just give me a small explanation, for why this
Is takin so much out of me, yeah oh oh oh oh
Hey, i wish that i could settle down, tonight

Repeat chorus 3x

Two places matter to me, but which one will i
Be at, yeah oh oh oh oh oh 2x (yeah)

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