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Zero Down

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Date de parution : 20/02/2001

Durée : 0:02:55

Style : Alternative

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Is this what you offer me, a system of dishonesty
Where life gets measured monetarily and i'm just another face.
Another man with the simple skills of staying alive and paying the bills
Never amount to anything live and die where i've always been.
This is where i am at the bills still come no matter what.
I'm all grown up but still i'm going nowhere.
Uneducated though i graduated,
Wish i would have been a little more dedicated
And got something out of school, instead of always playing the fool.
But even if i did for just one day, had all the right words that i wanted to say,
It wouldn't make a difference anyway cause no one's listening.
So save your words, just save your words cause i don't care anymore.
My father worked his life away in all those years
He never missed a day
There isn't anybody that could say he didn't keep his bills paid.
All that time he never got to do all the things in life that he wanted to.
He always kept his family fed by the blood and sweat he shed.
And for the sacrifice he's made this is how he gets repaid.
I'm all grown up but still i'm going nowhere.

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