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Amanda Lear

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I give you gold, gold

Did you ever dig for gold into the ground ?
Have you ever wanted gold ?
Have you ever listened to this precious sound ?
The glorious sound of gold

Gold (x7)
Gold (x7)

Did you ever see the fighting that it started when men can die for gold ?
And can you sleep at night feelin' they might steal it ?
Your priceless fabulous gold

Gold (x7)
Gold (x7)

The glowin' shine of gold
The burnin' fire of gold

It's gold that drives them mad
It's gold that makes them bad
Everybody is fightin'
Everybody is stayin'
For what ?
For gold, gold

It's divinin', intoxicatin', influatin' and frustratin'
Gold, gold, gold
Hypnotizin', fascinatin', frightenin', inebriatin'
Gold, gold, gold

New look at the whore
She wears a golden dress
She know the price of gold
The dollar and the mark
They go up, they go down
They all move to the rule of gold

Gold (x7)
Gold (x7)

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