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Carolyn Dawn Johnson

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Date de parution : 13/10/2009

Durée : 0:03:59

Style : Country

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Got a good day
(cdj/kylie sackley)

Full tank-a hot day
Ice cold gas station lemonade
Just to cool me off
My girlfriend-on the phone
Giving me the skinny on my brand new beau
I can always count on her to know what's going on
Tom petty's singing me free fallin'
I hear summertime a callin'

I've got the sunshine and the blue sky up above
I got the blacktop under my wheels
I got big dreams
And i got people that i love
And there ain't nothin' wrong
I got a good day goin' on

Windows-way down
Smell of sweet honeysuckle all around
I just have to breathe in
Look left-look right
Look to see the scenery is outta sight
It just doesn't get better than this
No sense of time-no direction
Just gonna bask in this perfection

Repeat chorus

Got a good, got a good, got a good day
Got a good, got a good, got a good day

Hey, hey throw your hands up
If you're feeling the beat
And you're having some fun
Hey, hey throw your hands up
If you gotta good day goin' on

Repeat chorus

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