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(hook: daniel johnston and g-eazy)
I really don't know how i came here
I really don't know why i'm staying here
And i don't know where the hell i'm at
How the fuck i'll make it back
I've gotta get my life on track
I've gotta go...

(verse 1)
Woke up intoxicated from the night before
Got so fucking faded i slept on the floor
Don't know whose house this is or where i'm at
I don't know how i made it, gotta find the door
Uh, i'm making bad decisions frequently
Tuesdays i'm exactly the same person that's the weekend me
And recently my girl's friends tell her who they see me with
But it's no secret, baby, cause we both know i'm a piece of shit
Uh, you see the fomo forever real
Try to take it easy truth be told but i could never chill
I be out with party girls who all be off of hella pills
And after shows they all just want to come to my hotel and chill
I walk to the bathroom and she follow
We do it all the night and then regret it all tomorrow
Yeah, see it's the lifestyles of the young and dumb
Get fucked up too often i think i might be becoming numb


(verse 2)
Went in new orleans that's just how it goes
In the city where the bars don't ever close
Yeah, everything is justified inside
When you're still out drunk at five and on the ride
Yeah, uh, i'm waving at the morning joggers
I'm just leaving the bar, stumbling off a dozen lagers
Too much whiskey, too much white, think i might call it a night
The sun is up i'll take her home, tomorrow's not going to feel alright
Nope, nope
When you realize what you did
And the guilt makes your stomach turn now you just feel so stupid
So you have a beer for breakfast and a blunt gets included
Try to forget that you slept with your ex, you can't dispute it
Nope, nope
Nothing like coming down while waking up
Drinking beers while cooking bacon up
That first half hour on your feet will have you shaken up
Just wash down the stress with two dos equis then you're straightened up
Yeah, yeah


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