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Land Lovers

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Oh darlin', i was gonna marry you
Instead i've played the old soldier purely to punish you
In poland, you told them i was funny and kind
But like your bonieks; your latos; your deynas
Your data was from another time

Haven't made you smile for ages on end
And i can't remember our last kiss

Honey pie, i am just a gravedigger for you
I'm digging 'til you're disabused

To others, your love is still exotic
You're the african loot in an old french attic
No worries, i know what's in the pipeline
On your dating-site profile, you're damaged
And docile and looking for a man

Who will make you smile at the very least
And bring you to festivals, yes

Honey pie, i am just a gravedigger for you,
I'm digging 'til you're disabused

Leaving it late to order again
Holding my tongue, i had told you "eat early,
And feel strong"

Oh dziekenowski started well, digging for goals
But soon became a gravedigger
And williamowski, he was lauded, famous and bold
Remembered as a gravedigger
So there is nothing i can do, love
I am just a gravedigger for you.

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