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Far to the east, where the land meets the sea
There lies a majestic town
Crail is it's name, shrouded in fame
Jewel in fife's noble crown
Here, every day, the warriors train
In the art of epic fights
Riding on eagles, questing so true
A legion of powerful knights

Emblazoned 'cross the sky
Here the kingdom cry

Hail! to crail!
Mightiest warriors in the land
Hail! to crail!

Ready to fight with a sword in hand
Fighting battles every day
This is why we say
Hail! to crail!

In the battle of cowdenbeath
Their steel did win the day
Knights of crail with banners high
Riding hard into the fray
Once, in the siege of far-off dunkeld
Defeat of the town was nigh
But then came the knights, the warriors of crail
And all of their foes did die

They've never lost a fight
So we proclaim tonight

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