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Bettie Serveert

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Date de parution : 25/01/2005

Durée : 0:03:35

Style : Alternative

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This is just a ghost town posing as a city
Its like a dead-end street, weve gotta move right now
Then you come running in, looking so pretty
Im so glad you made it, can we leave right now?

We want a world in a mobile home
We'll stay connected by a cellular phone
So many out there, living a lie
If death is a toll, well just tamper with life

At least thats what you wanted
At least thats what you said
You had to have right now
And now that we are on it
Can we seize the moment?
Dont let me down

Its kinda rough but its enough
People always kill the things they love
Lets make a sign that says, "hands off"

This is just a ghost town posing as a city
Hotdogs and sodas and were on our way
The musics blaring out now
Could you please just turn it down now?
I can sleep all day

Yes, i had a drink last night
I havent slept a wink last night
I dont regret a thing, thats right

This is intense, lower your fences
And just let it ride, taillights that fade in the night
Youll be fine, just watch that sign
Bear to the right, flashing blue neon lights

Oh, oh, oh, hands off

Lets make a sign that says, "hands off"

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