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Emilio Rojas

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Crush a bit, little bit, roll it up, take a hit (3x)
Feeling lit, feeling light, 2 am, summer night
She drunk dialin, drunk dialin, at the same damn time as she drunk drivin,
When i answer the call heard the people wildin' in the background (oh, we're alright!)
Now she start laughing, brakes start screeching, she starts screaming, heard her car crashing,
Oh, shit, i start asking what the fuck had happened and she dont answer.
I start panicking, running to the car, but i got to get the keys and remember where i parked,
And i got to hit police and to tell em she involved in an accident, i dont want her to be harmed,
So im speeding and im weaving in the middle of the street round three ten,
And i'm knowin' that clock is ticking, but im hoping that i can get there and i beat it.
At the scene of the crash and i leave in a flash and i didnt even take all the keys out the dash,
Looking at the flipped suv in the grass, and a couple broke trees with the median smashed.
Oh, oh, jeez, this is bad, aint nobody moving, aint nobody screaming,
Aint nobody sitting in the front anymore, i assume they were thrown from the seatbelt.
Now the ambulances pull in, and the emts they all sprinting,
Found bodies burnt in that backseat and that driver seem to be missing.
They started searching and sniffing, looking at me with eyes that ask questions,
I aint have any answers, though, and so they started getting aggressive, like,
Where the driver at? do you think theres a chance they survived the crash? just smiled back.
"and the windshield didnt even have a crack, how the hell in gods name they macgyver that?"
Then a siren flash from behind my back, i turn around to a clown that's behind a badge,
Heard a couple rounds from a fired gat, and i hit the ground quick and then fired back.
Oh, shit, what was i involved in? who the hell was the woman that i called and,
And how the fuck i end up in a cross fire with assault rifles and marksmen?
Thats one cop down, two cops down, cry for a second then a few more rounds,
Everybody dead, but my boo right now, i got to make a move right now.
I dont wanna be a victim, i dont wanna talk, i dont wanna be a witness,
Or accessory to no murder, cause i fuck with all the wrong bitches.
Now i just wanna forget this, skip town and i go on living,
But the problem is im involved with her, but so bad its the bitch that i live with.
Crush a bit, little bit, roll it up, take a hit (3x)
Feeling lit, feeling light, 2 am, summer night
Hands on the wheel, hands on the wheel

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