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Date de parution : 10/10/2007

Durée : 0:03:05

Style : Rock

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Cut loose with you and your crew
Hey dog, you do what you wanna do
No crime, just high defining times
You won't need a sick mind

Right here in this place
We'll get you while you're movin'
Despair, repair, it's where?
It's right here in your face

No one can tell you what to do
It's all up to you
Your mind is set
So follow through

Teenage angst and you're out tonight
And you're happy wasted
No one can tell you what is right
When you're happy wasted

Who's got you in tow? who's ridin' your show?
Who's makin' you break out? i don't know
I don't like what i see, i don't like what you be
I don't like what you are in front of me

Who goes, who flows
Who tows the line in ya profile?
Freestyle and fall by the wayside
It's your space to deface

And yeah, hell watch ya back, kid
Right now, it's a jungle and emotive
In time, you'll find the sign to define
All the things in your life

Who says you can't decide?
Are you happy wasted?
Is this your suicide?
Are you happy wasted?

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