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This ain't no
Movie show
Playin' in the theater
Or a video

I was always hot to see
On the t.v.

I'm so hot, hot to trot
I can hardly wait to show them what i got
Wonder who'll come out shinin' like a jewel
In the 'fame' school

Here we are
So bizarre
This is where they show you
How to be a star

I can't wait
I can't even concentrate
I just pulsate

Class to class, try'n' to pass
Learnin' who the teachers are who bust your ass
Feelin' small, feeling up against the wall
During roll call

I'm alive and i will survive
Show the world that i can take it
When i hit the heights
Put my name in lights

Show the world that i can
Make it by doin'
Doin', doin' doin'
By doin' hard work

By doin' hard work
By doin' hard work
Hard work

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