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Huh, the kind of girl that works in harvey nicks yeah
Is the kind of girl that's got fucking barely rounda bags (?)
And i don't mean bags bags, i mean like shopping bags, serious
I never liked dry your eyes anyways
The only person that liked it was my mum
You know what i mean
Cos man had flippin overalls on
The pretty bird behind the tills takin the piss outta man
Even giving man no help

(chorus x2 - mike skinner)
When i drop in harvey nicks
To shop in harvey nicks
If i don't look hardly slick
Or appear hardly fit
The cashier don't hardly trip
The lady hardly flits
Unless im wearing barmy shit
Or garments that are the shit

(verse 1 - teddy mitchell)
The last time we was in here, we just lined with despair
The pretty bird behind the till was flipping thru marie claire
Flicking the end of her hair, fidgeting, all nervous
Had us thinking "where the fuck is the customer service?!"
Must have been the flippin shabby overalls we're wearing
And the batch of classics that were on the verge of tearing
Cos aunty's front room needed redecorating
So we painted it light blue to make it look more radiant
But today that aint the case (na mate!)
It's lionel scott cardigans, that us man were dreamt in
The pretty bird behind the till's grin is so blatant
And suckin man's bottom, cos she must think we got the papers
So from this day forth, we must always recall
Never ever to come back in here in overalls
Cos pretty birds behind tills, they don't like to smile and talk
To brehs bowling down in fucking overalls


(verse 2 - tony mitchell)
It's as if she's never seen our mugs in here before
Cos as soon as we was about to make a move, she released the door
Pointing her finger at her assistant to attend to both of our needs
Chucking an opener on the counter, strutting towards teddy and me
Now its all a guided tour through the lacoste new seasons
Compliments on our retirements, mixing offering us greetings (?)
Not to mention the welcome? and the private seating
That they usually use for the service twats
With the request to them to bring the teas in
But the other day, that weren't the case... na mate
It was her on the fone to the security guard

To follow us for no damn reason
Lookin down at our watch, giving us the cold shoulder treatment
Asking us if we could hurry up cos they were closing early that evening
So from that day forth, we have always remembered
Never ever to wear overalls, its just absurd
Cos overall, all over, overalls don't work
Cos now that we're in london its got the bird flicking up her skirt

(chorus x2)

(verse 3 - sway)
When i shop at harvey nicks
Everyone thinks i'm a star
Cos i wear my rented blazer
And i step out my rented car
A little girl with a pen ran up to me and said "i know who you are"
But when i gave her my autograph she said "mum is this how u spell lemar? "
When i shop at harvey nicks
The security give me grief
They must think i'm a thief, cos i don't sound like the streets
Even when i'm just trying it on, they think i'm trying it on
I said "why would i steal from you? i'm loaded"
Then they called the police - "there's a guy with a gun! "
Despite this, i like shopping here
Cos it's a lot quicker than ebay
I bumped into this labour mp who was looking for a pair of ck
I said "hi, i'm sway, and i hope you're having a nice day"
Then i slapped him in his face and said "what type of party doesn't have a dj? "
I remember the first time i came here
I was shoplifting and got nabbed
In the shop lift i got grabbed
"hey you! excuse me, open your bag! "
I got put in a pair of handcuffs
All for a pair of cufflinks
I said "please sir, don't send me to prison, if its anything like butlins"

(chorus x2)

(mike skinner)
It don't mean anything anyway man
Harvey nicks is shiiiit!
I'm all about selfridges
Seriously selfridges man
Harvey nicks is the kind of place ted mayern goes
Don't wanna shop in the same shop as him
Cos that cunt looks like a fucking clown!

(tony mitchell)
See what she does then; slag; slag; slag!

(teddy mitchell)
That might not be a good idea, but still

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