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Date de parution : 24/06/1997

Durée : 0:02:39

Style : Alternative

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I can tell that you're not amused with the things that we used to do i =
Remember that you used to be in the middle right next to me think you =
Thought it was time to leave must of thought you'd seen everything now =
Your baggage is bitterness guess nothing was as sweet as this and.... =
I've seen your past in front of me i've heard the words that you've said =
You're not the only one around who seems so serious and i guess i really =
Didn't realize friends of mine could be this way it's not your fault you =
Had to change i just wanted it to stay the same and... so now i'm =
Sitting here in doubt - of myself you're not the cause of it don't =
Flatter yourself i'm really sorry that you seem to feel this way and i'm =
Really sorry that you seem to feel this way sometimes i find it rather =
Hard to forget some things you said weren't really that bad but it's a =
Promise you made to me said the words and didn't mean a thing
Submitted by: mel

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