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Date de parution : 09/05/2006

Durée : 0:02:51

Style : Alternative

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I recall the day when i was in thee
Thee womb, i could hear you so soon
I will see your face

I liked to play alone
Never ever all alone

My first day to school was so exciting
Although they all went on and on
Still rest my head for my wrongs

High school days are dark
So light the flame
Walking down those halls

So light the flame
Learning who i'm not
So light the flame
No idea of who i'm to be

My leash was long and so you let me run on
Like all good moms and dads must do
Guess i'll have to do it too

And while i'm cookin' down
So light the flame
My precious torch burns on and on

Set a flame to the daily paper
Cause there is just no justice here
And who really cares

Skipping through your fire
The first flame
Light dispelling dark

Returning to my roots
Our first flame
Of exactly who

Getting to that place
My first flame
Peace runs through my days

Finally crawling through
The first flame
With my source, my shield, my you

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