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Date de parution : 06/02/2004

Durée : 0:05:46

Style : Reggae

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From my head down to my toe, say they sus me with that ...
They don't want to see... they want me stoop down low . but
Different people different views, and different gods and
Truth , so baby don't be blue cos, what you send out will come
Back to you. and if there 's a way ( yeah ) we will make a way.
The ... the steepest hills, we will love ... ... we could all
Be friends (yeah ) cos nattie rides again (yeah) nappie ride

(refrain) x2 :
Oh life , baby don't you cry, put your head up high we be

From my nappie head down to my clarks. say they sus me with
That ... but i wear my ... glasses so i can see right through
And dem a wonder dem wonder dem wonder, and we get stronger

Get stronger get stronger yes dem a wonder dem wonder dem
Wonder a dem just can't push me under that 's why i say

(refrain) x2

If i had wings and i could fly i could spread them wide and
Rise up high

Body language is like poetry .... reminds me of affinity
Divinity ..... my life ..... cos there is nothing in between
.... the lines.. you know what i mean. you know there is this
Chemistry i'm not this shy guy usually, but when ... but
Mentally and physically and spiritually you reflect on me.
Hmmm you make my life complete .... you are the ... for me.
... (add 2nd part of rap here) ..

Well if i had wings and i could fly i could spread them wide
And rise up high

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