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New Mexican Disaster Squad

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Date de parution : 09/05/2006

Durée : 0:02:32

Style : Alternative

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I hold no qualms butting heads with you
Not every argument infects my life
I have no problems when you do what you do
But next time you might try to living up to what you think is right

Put my fist through the wall

I have a hard time seeing your side
When it's hard looking at your face
And you just build a wall
Communication isn't working at all
No trust, disgust, i might delight in making haste

I wish i was concerned with how
I could be making this right now

I have lost another fight
With another person i called a friend
Now i have a burden that burns with regret
Whose weight i won't forget

Looking inside
Swallowing pride
Fucking up futures
Because we hide

Beat my head on the wall

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