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Young Money

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Back on the scene killin' everything , you can stay sleep cause i'm livin' yo dream
Big ol rings money for the team, damn i'm fly man i need some wings
Yeah i'm in my zone in my own lane, rollin' wit a chick who look like honey cocaine
Why you suck ?thats a got dang shame, packers gettin' big like they drinkin' protein
(okay) they don't see me act up , better back up(better back up), cause i will skate on your rack shack club?
(huh) whats happening, i'm rollin' with last kings
They holla chuckee on everything , you was playin' yo music i was laughing like ha ha ha
Damn i'm hot, damn you not
Go to school, be a cop
You'll never be me, you'll never be chuckee
You can touch me, better take this autograph and be lucky
It was rick ross, i'm cold; defrost
I'm doin 100 sit ups, and thats for yo girl nigga
Is this what life about?, well imma keep movin'
I been had money, she been talkin' bout p.t. cruisers

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