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Hello girl
You don't remember me but i remember you so well
Yet i can tell by the look in your eyes that that was long ago

Hello girl
What have you done since i saw you last - don't go away so fast
Hear me out - i've still a lot to say

Although you say it's wrong for you to think of me
You don't mind if i think of you
And still you say you don't remember me so well
But how can i forget you
When these scars show up so well

Let me in
On the things you have created since your vision past my brain
They never last
Just like the thoughts you use to better yourself with

So since the thanks i get for loving you is forget
I think i'll go my quiet way
And if someday you find that you remember me
Don't bother, girl
Cause the memory of you has found itself complete return

So long girl
I must leave before my train goes off
And leaves me back here to remember that
I'm the one who forgot the person who remembers me

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