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Queen Adreena

pochette album Hide from time
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Date de parution : 14/03/2000

Durée : 0:04:4

Style : Pop

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(s.carter / k.j.garside)

Inside her tower she feels free from harm,
I'll lock her up inside safe and warm,
She'll sleep for winter she'll sleep for years,
The garden's overgrown over her tears.

Hide from time,
Hide from time.

Grow the garden year after year,
The roots dug deep she won't be found down here,
Brambles thorns will keep the boys away hey hey,
She needs her sleep she won't play today.

Hide from time,
Hide from time.

I'll keep her heart i'll keep it in one piece,
I'll be with her through years and years of sleep,
I'll make this moment last i'll beat time,
I'll be with her forever make her mine.

Hide from time,
Hide from time.

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