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Emilio Rojas

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(verse 1: emilio rojas)
Yo kendrick you inspired me man, lets go
Yeah, visions of che guevara just staring at me
A fifth of people but legislation is barely latin
Yea, we got a handful of senators but no president (nah)
'cuz the politicians ain't acting like representatives (nah)
And they send the census in to check on us and then censor us
They see us all as illegals, white people keep on resenting us
They build that tension up in your mayday, on that may day
Officers sought melees and they kicking us with their pay-lays
And the pay days ain't racking killing us like some pioneers
Open fire like cowards, aggression is just a sign of fear
And they shot an immigrant dead, i seen him just lying there
And another one hit in the head they don't even try and care
Indentured servants, living conditions worsen
Got us waiting inside of home depot to see who working
Who do you think picks all them vegetables that you purchase?
Ten of us in tenements trembling with no furnace
Construction workers, house keepers and servants
Mommy got a degree but she works with laundry detergent
And latin businessmen harassed by all the minute-men
You from the third-world then you a second class citizen
If your black or brown and them racist judges ain't backing down
And if you refuse them, the you get bruises from there abuses then they smack us 'round
And the want to love our food and our women, but hate our spanish sound
They don't want us in school with they children, they kick our asses out
They're kind of missing the modern sense of the races
First the c.i.a will come and then the corporations
And then the u.s puppet, government inauguration
They rape our resources and exploit us for our labor
We flee into the states in search for better lives and wages
And work below the minimum because they don't got to pay us, right
We getting sick but we dont get no medication
We stay out of the hospitals avoiding deportation
So i ain't funding no irs, why invest in that ins
When they want to see us all lying dead
And the cartels'll run by the feds?
The war on drugs is just a war on us
So authorities can horde us up and keep the borders boarded shut
They makin sure they get their cut and that they caking
A flat bed truck is just a modern day slave ship
They make more paper if their workers got no papers
And they ship us off before we plead our cases because they got hiiipower
Fuck we supposed to look up to man, george lopez?
Get the fuck out of here

(verse 2: grafh)
Uh, yeah, visions of martin luther looking at me
'cuz he had a dream and it as it seems i had a dream
But mines flooded with demons dreaming they should attack me
While i look at michelle and obama looking happy
I got the same smile he got
Called him the kettle black
Nah i'm talking about a tea pot
Anything for the nigga especially anything we got
Them walls look strong, them shits is made of sheetrock
Nigga you can't suit and tie me
I'm huey newton, you trying to do karate
While i'm shootin' shottys, you stupid, is you on mollys?
I'm ruthless, assume a cum laude went to school just to party
The truest and found the illuminati in the student body
I'll assume their probably using computers to crucify me (judas)
The giuliani's, you and romney finna work it out, do pilates
Stretch cutie (yep) until the feds shoot me
If u don't like what i said, sue me
White cops beat a black mans ass, they dont get fired
They get demoted to death duty, yes truly, they pussy
They probably rock a vest to watch a wild-wild west movie
The hood is the stage but the sound check tooleys
What used to be nooses are now neck jewelries
And i still got my chains on
Just another statistic or just another trayvon
Just another beat for me to talk about race on
Just another nigga trying to pull the racecard
Just another flashy ass rapper in a racecar
Fresh to death, best dressed in the graveyard, work it mama!
Black girl, you don't even focus
You want to model, but all you show is emotions
The insecurities showing all of your poses
Your such a beautiful soul and you don't even notice
You don't even know this
But white girls on the magazines make black girls one point of your noses
This is where the truth drops
I ain't good for all of the self esteem issues you got
When i'm trying get your boots knocked
Butt-ass naked in tube socks
But you ain't looking for truth
You on google looking for 2pac
You too distracted, the feeling of feeling inadequate
You adapted, you need me to tell you you attractive
Baby, i've been a victim of racism
This cop told me i'd probably make great chicken
And i'd look great in that upstate prison
I wanted to spit in his face
But then he gripped the thing on his waste
And i had became the victim
Change the game if you can't change the system
Think bigger, think smarter, get gudda
I never hate i lust to indulge in culture
I could love any creative way, i love my brotha
But black is beauty and that's my color and that's hiiipower
Baby, that's hiiipower

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