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John Cena

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Last week the rock showed the world that his ass is soft.he talked trash from his living room and didn't
Take his glasses off.what he couldn't afford a plane ticket or a helicopter. no see rock decided to stay home and read off a can see the words in his glasses, rewind it back i caught him. only time you see me is when im whippin that rock bottom. they say the rock is unbeatable, he'll put john cena on the shelf.but after last week, the only thing that the rock has been is himself. and once again i'm standing here and wheres the rock, he must be misplaced. i get it i'm a fritty pebble, your a dabble disgrace. he yelled for 30 minutes bragging about himself. it made me throw up. you wanna be a peoples champ rock heres a tip just show up. and i'm show glad that this thing is over so i can cross it off my checklist, rock didn't win but its okay i'll give him a pearl necklace. it's not my fault rock you just make it to easy for me to get you. he may a well attack my dog cause every week he eats my shitshoo. but i made him angry that's not what i was in it. i didn't what to see him hurt so to make a mans i actually went out and bought the rock's brand new t-shirt. rock make them chant your name, raise an eyebrow, give us all a fun night. but don't ever call me out again dude. cause thats bringing a knife to a gun fight.

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