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Steve Forbert

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Burnin' candles, watchin' shadows
Long hours melt away in spider town
Sultry ev'nings, whisperin' windows
I sit and listen to the rain come down

Oh, camille, read all about it in my letter
Oh, camille ...

Howlin' wolves out chasin' deer make
Dark, ugly pictures for my soul to see
Pale pianos leave me wond'rin'
"how go these nights of yours in italy?"

(repeat chorus)

Took a walk down flights of stairs, i
Went out to wander where the rain has been
Saw a madman preachin' tombstones
I'm feelin' better 'bout the shape i'm in

(repeat chorus)

Ain't got no jokes to tell
Just lotsa books to read
Wild hearts an' traffic sounds
All poundin' ev'rywhere
It's electricity
It's flowin' into me
I am at home in here
These blues are right for me

(instrumental out)

Steve forbert
Welk music (ascap)/
Rolling tide music (ascap)

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