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Cels Dupri

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Born and raised in the criminal place
Where niggas approach you the same in subliminal ways
Say our name in vein and you feeling the pain
Stomped out in plain day while you catching the train
See i'm a chi nigga you can tell by the slang
While all these niggas bang
I'm out here making a name
Making a lane
Making my change
Like obama sayings
And i'm from where obama was stationed
Back to the basics
You gotta face it in the summertime i'll let yo ass taste it
Taste of the chi
Everyday in the chi
Just tryna survive, that's how my people play in the chi
You can look in my eyes and see i was made in the chi
I used to go to miles davis academy
And the girl faculty would start chasing after me
So they made me change more casually gradually
Then in 6th grade they tried to battle me
But i was still the most dopest
The flows potent
And back in 8th grade i had hoes choking
Fights by my school
Getting arrested by cops
While niggas thinking its cool
I had to let that shit stop
And roll with me as we breeze through the southside
Haters talking shit, let it leak through they mouthside
Cuz niggas be riding round on they lurking shit
So you'll never catch me doing all that jerking shit
We on that flirting shit
On a perfect bitch
On some white chicks on our suburban shit
I'm from that city where its great to be
They here me on every song going hard reppin faithfully
They put they faith in me
Told me chase the cheese
And don't come back around until i taste the cheese
So now i rape these beats tryna get my name across
And that's word to the black man hanging on my cross
I shine like lip gloss
Bitches take a loss
Say you love that girl but she in the back getting tossed
Introduce her team
Put her on the l then all my niggas run a train
She left behind her brain
But still that don't change
The fact that i'm coming for the game
And now my name is embedded in they brain
So now i'm on my plan b shit

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