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She gave her body and soul
While he pushed her around
Fell down

Thats why shes oh so sad
Tears rolling down her face
She can hardly speak

Ooh tataraptaraptara

She works all day and night
For this love
He spends his time downtown
Selling love
Hes got money to burn
Playing fred astaire
Pocket full of hearts

Hope has gone
Girl you gotta be strong


Hold on
Love will come
Just keep
Your head up
You beautiful
He cant love you
The way
I want to
So let me
Love you
So beautiful

Ooh taptaraptaraptara


Its time to walk away
To a new life
Give yourself a second chance
At romance
A life of bliss lies ahead
And happiness
You gotta grab it with
Both hands
Ooh taptaraptaraptarap

Love has come (2)
Girl you gotta move on

Repeat chorus

Guitar solo

He can love you
He can love you


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