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The Dan Tucker Band

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Help thou mine unbelief but i can see right through the veil/
The greatest attempt in histories illusion is now about to fail.
Covered up tombs and emptied out wombs--baskets full of illusions to be/
Age-old lies and broken peace-ties pave the way to eternity.

Is this the hope of the living? is this all that has to be said/
Is this the future of humanity? is this the hope of the dead (yeah yeah)

Father please forgive me but i can't see the light/
The light of this world and its reflections have been overcome by night.
Tarnished brass and broken stained-glass--proof the destroyer is me & you/
Cankered-gold and love waxed cold--deep inside we always knew.


I cry for a deliverer but i see no deliverance ahead/
Hope has built many temples but the steeples mark the tombs of the dead.
Shadows fill eyes--your dead will not rise--the blackest sabbath this world ever knew/
Spiders domain/preacher's insane--you've come to know the real you.

Is this the hope of the living. is this the hope of the dead.
There is hope for the living--there is hope for the dead!!! (yeah yeah yeah)

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