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Empty piece of paper
Fragments of my mind
Through the earnest way i lived
Since i was a child
Now i need an answer
No one understands

The meaning of life
Is clear no more
I see no reason to carry on

Into the dark this instant
Close to my last breath
Thinking of the right means
To take out this inner death
I confide in my faith
Strange, it seems so vain

Despair surrounding
Has left me hopeless
Theres only one escape i know (tempting)

Resigned im ready to get in touch
With nameless fright
To let the cold everlasting come to me!

I trust in you
My only friend
Please keep my memories
Safe till my end
I took my choice (you were free)
I know the consequence
Now i wait

You poor being
I sense your distress
Your intellect is undervalued
I have your answer
Admiration for a lifetime
My proposal you cannot refuse

Is now this chance
Youre giving to me
Too real to be a dream?
From this time on
Ive nothing to lose
Until ill meet you again!

Goodbye my friend
My fate is done
Forgive my flaw
Dont cry when im gone
My path will lead (to the end)
To what im looking for
But this deal
Has the highest price

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