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Date de parution : 02/11/2004

Durée : 0:07:05

Style : Rock

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...and we know all the answers but where can the questions be found?
Together we fall and together we rise
Bound and framed in arsenic
Don't let your guard down
'cause the phone's still of the hook and we're running out of time
Time to face up to the facts
Expose the inner lining of this conception conceived in
This field of contradiction
I'm gaining momentum and headed for a wall
Apply emergency brakes when needed
Allt hat's left is to perfect this balancing act
I've been lying to myself
And holding on for too long
Let go
Free yourself from these haunted memories
Of self dissatisfaction
This feeling is compromising more than self-worth
Let down
Time after time after time after time after time
Ripped apart in a moment of self realization then captivated by the beauty of fire and brimstone
This is the place that we've come to know as reality
This is life

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