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Bloody Sunday

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Date de parution : 11/04/2006

Durée : 0:01:54

Style : Rock

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You stuck around
But not long enough
You helped us get through
The rough times
Then you took your leave
At the best time for yourself
On a drop of a hat
You packed your bags
And left this home
How could you do it
Just say it didn't feel right
How could you go
Into this world alone
A year felt like a day
When it moved this fast

I know you won't come back
10 years of living a lie
Kept quiet all this time
Who said we'd take you back
Too bad
There won't be a next time
For you

You turned your back
On the one's you loved
Not enough
Time has passed
It's time to try
To put memories behind

Easy for you
To move on with your life
Don't look back now
Live with the choice you made
You turned and ran
And left us all alone
You caused my heart
To harden into stone

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