Paroles de I found love

Earl Scruggs

pochette album I found love
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Date de parution : 27/08/2001

Durée : 0:03:1

Style : Country

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I was swimming, in a river of darkness
Feel the waters, rushing over my head.
Like an angel, you were there to save me
Just one touch, of your gentle hand.
Since i found you i can climb a mountain,
Since i found you i can swim the tide
You brought me life, you showed me heaven

I found love, when i found you.

There were walls, standing all around me
Thought id never see, the walls come down.
But like a miracle, my eyes were opened
My prayer was answered, when you came around.
Repeat chorus
When we look back, on our lifes journey
Lines on our faces will show the miles
Well share the memories, give god the glory
If i can hear your laughter, and see you smile.
Repeat chorus

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