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Kevin Levar

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Chorus i - (unison)
I'll say yes lord yes
To your will and to your way
I'll say yes oh yes
I will trust you and obey

When your spirit speaks to me
With my whole heart
I will agree
And my answer will be
Yes lord (yes)
Repeat (harmony)

Yes in the morning
Yes in the evening
Yes in the midnight long oh

Yes when i wanna say no
Yes when i don't wanna go
Yes when down in my soul

You have my answer
Indeed is yes
My final answer
Completely yes
Lord you have my answer
Indeed forever is
(yes lord)

All: 2 xs
I'll go
When you want me to go
Yes i'll do
Want you want me to do
Yes i will be
Want you want me to be
Just tell me lord
I will wait

I won't ever say no lord
I won't ever say no to you
I won't ever say no lord
No more

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