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Cels Dupri

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Verse 1
Thinking about my girls i got too many of them
Playing with they mind, they think i really love em
Its funny cuz lames and dummies always try to cuff em
But i'm about my money dawg, to me its nothing
Phone call from my side chick jessica
She always saying some shit to make me question her profession huh
Well freshen up
Before i wrestle ya
Then its on to the next, i got the best of her
Dial up
Dial up
Just another girl added to my pile up
I'm wild huh
But can you blame me
These girls know what my name be
I'm getting closer to fame so they always try to claim me
But ima player so i tell em rotate
You better get a plan b
Put in a dope tape
Cuz i can't be your man
That wasn't in the plan
You was just another queen up in the players hand chillin in the sand, let you get a lil tan
Introduce you to my band, you can meet the clan
But after that its nothing more cuz i gotta spin


Verse 2
She sent a text saying she miss me
And that when she get a chance first she gon kiss me and kiss me
Then lick me
But i don't fuck with hickeys
Told her i can't stay long so i got a quicky

Picky when it comes to my lady friends
Gotta be a good 10 with some lady friends
Gotta have her own job with some crazy bands
With her other homegirl shit maybe twins
Dial up
Dial up
Just another girl added to my pile up
I'm wild huh
Yeah i call that shit dupri style
All my girls got a bad shape like kapri styles
Spit it like a freestyle
And run it like 3miles
Try to add em all and it'll be like 3thousand
Got em all on speed dial most of them on redial
Cuz they know when night comes out, the freaks wild

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