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You say you want a challenge
So let's play a game
There's a four letter word
That starts with an l
And ends with an e
It had a lot to do with
You and me

After two long years
You finally realized
That she was full of lies
She cheated on you multiple times
You don't deserve her
All she did was lie
Now that she's gone, i'm here
Always have been
Always will
But you had your chance before
And now i can't do this anymore

Haven't you figured it out
I'm always there to turn to
No matter what
I'm always here for you
What can't you see
You don't belong with her
You belong with me
You and me
That's the way it should be
But that was two years ago
Now i just have to walk away
And let you go
And just tell you
I told you so

You sent me a message the other day
You said you missed how it used to be
Those nights
When it was just you and me
It took you along time to
To finally see
What you're missing with her
And what you had with me
You're two years too late
I've moved on
And i'm over it now
I have to walk away
Because it took you those two years
To tell me how you really feel
I'm done crying
And done with the tears
Now its time to let you go
And all i have to say is
I told you so

(repeat chorus)

Now do you see
What i've been trying to say
Remember how we used to be
I think about it everyday
But then i realized
I tried to tell you everything she did
It's time to let what we had go
There's only one thing left to say
I told you so

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