Paroles de If i hadn't reached for the stars

Bradley Walker

pochette album If i hadn't reached for the stars
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Date de parution : 06/07/2010

Durée : 0:03:36

Style : Singer/Songwriter

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Somewhere just over the rainbow
Lie answers to all our dreams
But the road we must follow to reach them
Is paved with much anguish and grief

There's heartache around every corner
It lurks like a thief in the night
Hiding silently deep in the shadows
Making victims of those passing by

On this highway of dreams that we travel
There's no exit for easy street
It's rough and it's rocky and weathered by tears
And it's been no exception for me
But i know it's the right road i've taken
Cause it's lead me somehow to your heart
And i may never have fallen for you
If i hadn't reached for the stars

In the curves we meet pain and rejection
At times it's so hard to be strong
But just when i think about turning around
You give me strength to go on

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