Paroles de If you could see

Lucy Kaplansky

pochette album If you could see
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Date de parution : 23/10/1996

Durée : 0:03:35

Style : Singer/Songwriter

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I have words in me that i need to tell you,
There are times in my life, when i know what i want,
I walked away once before, i won't walk away again,
There are promises you keep because you mean them.


I'm a world away from you tonight, but i feel you all around me,
You'd find the colors of the world in you,
If you could see what i can see, if you could see what i can see.

I know it's hard to believe in what you see,
When no one else seems to see it at all,
But when i look at you i see all this light that comes to me,
Just wait, it will all come back to you.

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