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I don't understand your world,
Cause it's flying high above my mind,
'n sometimes i can see your sky,
If i could only take a u.f.o. and fly,
Take a u.f.o. , take a u.f.o. and fly to your sky high

If you leave, i'll be there
If you stay, i'll care
If you only be there,
There ain't anybody in between,
If you leave , i'll be there
If you stay, i'll care,
If you hold my hand and,
And keep me locked up in your soul alone
Alone, you and me.

But let me dig into your soil,
Perhaps i'll bring a nice treasure home,
'n let me dive into your sea,
I think, i'll catch a pearl and bring it back,
Bring it back, bring it back to you

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