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I thought i told ya
Ima star. you see the ice? you see the cars? flashy lights. everywhere we are. livin like, like there's no tomorrow
(verse 1)

I got money. i dont need a range. im a pimp. i dont need a cane. be it kills charlie. you can keep the change. now that i got the torch. ima keep the flame. ima keep my aim, gotta make the big shots. in my latest suit louie v flip flops. gotta bad bitch her hair and nails tip top. jeremih got the game on a slip knot.
Just before the stacks. i got rubberbands. consumers only want you to supply demand. so here i am. check my dna.
Gettin money's only thing on my resamay


I thought i told ya ima star
You see the ice? you see the cars? flashy lights everywhere we are
Livin like like there's no tomorrow

(verse 2)

Like the dealership i got buku cars
Penitentary i keep buku bars
Flow so hot, ridin buku large
Hollywood ground, i got buku stars
Dont need rogger ebert, or the paparazzi
Take on and alread the county stop me
I hit hella licks
Man hella staggin
Hit the weed man so you can get in touch with mary jane
You a scorpio? girl get over here
Ride me all night like you kin a paul revere.
Kissin on my neck
Nibblin on my ear.
You say you wanna chill?
Go head and grab a beer


I thought i told ya. im a star
You see the ice? you see the cars?
Flashy lights everywhere we are.
Livin like like there's no tomorrow


Flashy lights
Ohhhhh, ohhhhhh, ohh, ohh, ohhhh
Everywhere we are ohhh ohhh ohhhhh
Everywhere we are ohhh ohhh ohhhhh

(verse 3)

Ok now i be ballin i i i be ballin
You can catch me in the ait. i be ballin
When im tryna buy some gear, i be mallin
In the middle of the club or where ever you call it.
Either the cameras flickin or the police clockin. especially at the end of the month when its just not an option

Now they got the spotlight on me, why they put that on me
Now im never lonley cuz everywhere i go there's...

Flashy lights

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