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In a network filled with the c.e.o narcotic intention
Displays an army of inebriated buffoons
With nothing more to do but live and let live in a fabricated scene
Which the public mistakes and intakes as "reality" t.v
You know...

All hail the imperial idiots on the air
Here's to you rayon, you've won the eyes of many
Say goodnight my love and i'll sing it without a care
Here's to you rayon, just know that you'll never catch me

What a shame that the static beast has taken the eyes of every
Deflated cretin who has potential to be great
And rid itself of all this nonsense and offend the intentional descend of society
Realize that this bullshit is make believe


The wheels turn this madness of the age
And we just sit and smile along the way

Chorus x2

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