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The Elderberries

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The jury's out, i'll wait to see
It's my time now, i'm going to be
Hung up on what my faite should be
Is this thing real, i cannot tell
Am i an impostor in this world, i'm not myself
This hollow pain that just frustrates, it's eating at my soul.

Find myself staying here without a shade of doubt
I'm not the answer as much as i am the cause

Now i'm a part of this i don't know what went wrong
It's not my fault, at least that's what i tell myself.

Don't think i'm something that i'm not
To jump that far before the start
I put the effort in my life
I'm up and down, torn by strife
I'm in the middle of myself, and i can't win
I'm sure there is a point at which the both of us can meet.


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