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Date de parution : 13/04/2010

Durée : 0:06:08

Style : Alternative

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The different things that
People tell you to try
The different things that
Keep you from living your life

Sunsets and breezes that
Used to tickle your eye
They don' t warm you now
Not even in july

If i could see you now
I wouldn’t tell you to try
I wouldn’t ask how you feel 'cause
I wouldn’t want you to lie

But for some reason that
I don' t even know why
I feel the need to tell you that i think
That you' re gonna be fine

If i was older now
I could give you advice
If i was younger now

I'd still know how to smile

Beneath my surface where
There once burned a fire
There's just a pile ashes now
And an old telephone wire

You see it ain't just you that
Can't find the desire
It ain't just you that stands
With one foot in the fire

But if you'd hold my hand
And we'd look to the sky
I think that there' s a chance that we
Could once again feel alive

But if the sun comes up inside your mind
Then we could make it home just in time
To see a moonlit love taking flight
And into the life that we once knew we'll collide

But i know that it ain' t easy to try

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