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Silje Nergaard

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Date de parution : 14/07/2009

Durée : 0:04:31

Style : Jazz

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In a sentence
I just had to fall
Run a risk at all
It all made sense
My heart did not control my head
This being said
Leaves little to tell

In a sentence
This is why i fell
This and so much more
Though young lovers have i known
Gone this road before
And have, like me, been just as sure
In a sentence
I'd say all is well

Might live to rue this day
But hope love's kinder than they say
Didn't plan a single move
Or a play a leading role
He found an alien heart
But at his touch that heart was whole
So what he means to me
Is far more than you see
In a sentence

What i feel for him
Is no passing wind
That's doomed to fade and die
I confess those knowing smile
It makes no odds, you see
In a sentence
I know he loves me

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