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Slow skull embodiemment
Emerge to my faded mind
Alterated emotion of impurity
People are septic to my
Let me roar eurl!
Feel the utter evil
Oh ... that's trully black metal
Alone in the depths of solitude i lay
Their cancer attacks a part of my crisis inside
Oh fall shadows, fall... belong the waves
Replace my mind, with a normal human one
Misanthrope,lonelly world carbonize my thoughts
Humanity pays:
Every hour they're trying to give mein a followers mould, blessed
Lord confess it
Jesus's suffering, three days on the cross
I'm just twenty two, why so long a coste
Machines won''t (let go) nature go
God's ways...
In silence
I denounce:life of harmony is a pledge to be
Doomsday hours alleviate slowly the carrion's path
This call is for me -
Allowance times arrives-
Sign the obituary of misanthropy
Take my hand -slowly-
Pulls is unhuman
And see differences between the past & present
Time keeper memorize the ...
Operation dissect my gated's compressed mind
Brain changing necessity
Human's system, security
Sign the obituary of misanthropy

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