Paroles de Inauguration pt.1 (brighter day)

Jonathan Emile

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After all the pain and suffering all the struggle we've been through.
After all the searching wondering what it is that we're going to do?
I think i see a brighter day
I think i see a brighter day
I think i see a brighter day
I think i see a brighter day

(verse 1)
I don't write songs, just to write songs
I write songs, to right wrong
To fight on everybody stay strong
Recession depression.
Get down like dow jones
The jones' lost homes
The war is that long?
Its seems our back bone has cracked over like the ghetto
Looking at the war waiting for the dust to settle
See the sunlight after the gunfight.
Four hundred years of slavery. barack obama
To soldiers bravery we come together
As united as the states be
Cause the stakes be high
Progression i
Was putting hope in my music way before it got popular
Brother talking about blinging chains and dropping you.
Peep the elevation this is inauguration yo...

(verse 2)
Struggle my mother i'm a
Child of the sun i'm an
African battling to battling cancer
Sun rays to x-rays
Ghettos with gunplay
Some say its over now but were' starting a new phase
Militant guerilla kids in ghettos fight in ignorance their nemesis reflections of themselves in different boroughs'
I hold like mic like obama for the masses
Cause we're about to blow like bolivia's natural gazes
Capitalism that began with slavery and it ain't over money they moved it to philippines and they call it free trade like my record you get played.
We do for opportunity the price of getting paid,
Eating life cheating security health care
Trade stock around clock to cop some hot shares.
I struggle with these thoughts and yeah they get me down
For the weight of the world i give my love a pound
Like wow.

Woah. let your love shine bright.
Woah. let your love shine bright.
Love, revolution

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