Paroles de Insurrection

Emerald Sky

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Date de parution : 16/10/2008

Durée : 0:04:36

Style : Alternative

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Pushed into fate there is no choice
Troubled souls driven to silence
Hear your mind but have no voice
Frenzied floods rage in defiance

At once it came too soon
Yet we stood and watched it happen

This bond of blood will break
Every drop feeds the ocean
See the path laid out before you
Ask no questions

Days to wonder what went wrong
Searching with no meaning
Was it right or is it gone
We're all far from freedom
Ride the edge, forever seal this fate

Rolling against the tide we swam
As they gather round the fallen
Back to back we break this down
Flood the gates and make it happen

All at once it came too soon
Yet we stood and watched it trap them

Raging tears shed by fools, refuse direction
Fight the eye of the whirlpool
Waves of insurrection call
To the people, seal this fate

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