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Ned's Atomic Dustbin

pochette album Intact
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Date de parution : 05/02/2008

Durée : 0:04:46

Style : Alternative

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Here i stand the self made victim
I know that you didn't mean, anything well
I'm trying to make something from nothing
You're wasting, you're wasting your breath on these ears
My dear, you're wasting your breath on these ears

You will kill me, someday, if you have to cash me in
I will have to be okay, you'll fry the contents of my head
Pretend and bend the words i've said kill me someday, stone dead

I can't help but wish that i was virgo, intact oh
I just wouldn't care 'cos i just wouldn't know
So don't say in this that you're on your own
You founded the worst of these fears, my dear
You founded the worst of these fears

Life is the result of the struggle between dynamic opposites
Form and chaos, substance and oblivion, light and dark
And all the infinite variations of ying and yang
When the pendulum swings in favor of one
It eventually swings back in favor of it's opposite
And thus the balance of the universe is maintained

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