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Limbonic Art

pochette album Interstellar overdrive
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Date de parution : 19/10/2009

Durée : 0:06:04

Style : Rock

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Dark cosmic void.
A neverending universe.
The final frontier.
So dark and mysterious.
I saw the dying sun,
As i waited for the night.
Now cold silence reigns,
Magic darkness domains.
Unfold thy secrecy.

A murky night, without no moon.
No stars, just a cold vast endless gloom.
I descend into a world of shades.
The cryptic realms of doom.
As dark winds embraces.
The soul prepare the journey.
Into a lost universe of haze.

Let the ceremony begin.
The voyage to dimensions unseen.
In an interstellar overdrive.
Sacrifice the soul to the night.

Sopor mysteria, deep beyond.

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