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Date de parution : 30/04/2002

Durée : 0:01:52

Style : Hip Hop/Rap

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Yo, my name is taquell a.k.a baby poppa
I told ya i know ali, y'all thought i was playin'
I told yall i know the lunatics
Leezy, nelly, spud, murph and kyjuan man
I know all of em since '99

Before country grammar before the free city album
And now, big lee got that heavy starch out in the streets
It's over fo' real
Now next time baby poppa tell you somethin' you better listen
So keep your ears open 'cuz it's ali, heavy starch let's go

Yo, ali, heavy starch
Heavy starch
Heavy starch
Say it again
Heavy starch
Do it like we do heavy starch, big lee

Big leezy fo sheezie with heavy starcheezy
What's up, ali?
Hey ali heavy starch
Peace to ali comin' from son keepin' it real, luv
Yo, what's up, ali?
Shouts out to big lee, yea

Heavy starch
What's up, ali?
Heavy starch
Big leezy with the heavy starch

What's crack a lackin' heavy starch?
Heavy starch
What's up, ali?
Heavy starch
Hi ali! heavy starch
Heavy starch, big lee

Big lee heavy starch, heavy, heavy, heavy starch hahaha one luv
Right on, ali
Right on, heavy starch
Ali, heavy starch
Whatever you do dirty, keep it st. louis

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